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Pokemon Sales!

Market Lol
- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 07 AUG 2013.
- PKMNCollectors Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/urahameshi/
- All PKMNCollectors Rules apply.
- Serious buyers only please.
- A minimal purchase of $1 is required but if I have to go to the Postal Office either way I'll accept your order. Just ask!
- My house is dog friendly, smoke FREE.
- I ship from Puerto Rico with the US Postal Office services.
- I ship as soon as I can but my shipping day is Friday.
- I'm not responsible if your package gets lost/damaged. I protect the items as best as I can and I attach your address on the item just in case it gets lost. That way they can send it either way to your house if it gets lost. I will have all the receipts of the shipments with me and will take pictures/scans if needed.
- All items are either good condition or even near mint. If you're picky about cards condition please let me know, I can take close up pictures of the card if you want. I try to be as specific and detailed as possible but take in mind I'm not a card specialist and I don't pay attention to super small details.
- When asking for a quote let me know your zipcode (If US) or your country. That way I can give you a total faster.
- Try to be specific with what cards you want, ex. You can right click on the picture and select "Copy Image URL" and paste it in the comments section, then telling me the pokemon card you want from that link.
- Yes I do trades! But you will need to have 10 feedback or more so I can accept to do so. If you have less you will need to send first.

I will delete comments from COMPLETED transactions. That means that both me and the buyer has exchanged mutual feedback and nothing else is needed to be done. This is just to keep the comments section clean.

Pokemon TCG Cards price:

Common: $0.20, Uncommon: $0.40 , Rare: $0.60, unless otherwise stated.

Check the TCG cards here:

Trades are welcome!

Playing Cards:
$0.50 cents each $0.25 cents each for the tiny ones.
Sold: Joker, Gary, Misty with Horsea, Gengar with onyx, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Pikachu/Poliwhirl/Squirtle eating candy
Sold: Christmas Tree K
Sold: Ash 3 of Hearts, Moltres
Sold: Krabby, Dugtrios, Jigglypuff with Jinx/Pikachu/Jinx, Butterfrees
Sold: HappyBirthday card, Jigglypuff singing to Charmander, Sandshrew 8 of hearts, A of clubs (eating onigiris)
Sold: Charmander, Squirtle Squad, Lapras
Sold: Eevee, Farfetch'd
Sold: Vulpix/Ninetales, Mewtwo, Snorlax, Sandshrew, Wartortle
Sold: Krabby/Kingler, Charmeleon/Charmander/Charizard, Weepinbell, Ekans
Sold: Moltres, Slowpoke, Poliwhirl
Sold: Mew, Kadabra, Ash with Cubone Joker
Sold: Dratini, Pikachu, Tauros, Drowzee/Hypno
Sold: Weepinbell 3
Sold: Victreebel
Sold: Vulpix

Fan-made Stickers: $1 for small (around 1 inch) $2 for big (around 2 inches) you decide the size. You can also ask for any Pokemon even if its not already made.

Charms for cellphone charms, necklaces, bracelets, keychains etc... Ball chain keychain or Cellphone Strap available.

Pokeballs $7
Evolution Stones $5
Squirtle $10 (for other pokemon please ask)

Non-Pokemon Sales! Please check it out :) Updated: Friday, July 11 of 2014
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